- A visual music performance about dreamland

A visual, blackly humorous music performance about fleeing, survival and the utopian land of Canada  

On tour in Denmark season 2021/22


CANADA is a visual music performance about a society in which there is security, peace and freedom for all. A show about war and fleeing to safety, about survival, the fear of xenophobia and the utopian land of Canada. A beautiful, intimate and sensuous theatrical experience. Director Nina Kareis tells her personal story, employing a torrent of images in a magical realistic collage of memories. We hear of her upbringing in Århus, Denmark in the 1970s. In the school playground there is talk of the newly arrived "fremmearbejdere", the "foreign workers" from Turkey.  The early stirrings of a spiralling racism arouse feelings of fear and unease in the child narrator, and awaken a buried trauma inherited from her Austrian-Jewish family. She begins to plan her escape.

CANADA draws parallels between the human and the political, the historical and the contemporary. Our world in 2020 is reflected in the experiences of a  childhood in provincial Denmark in the 1970's, experiences which themselves mirror the fear of the outsider in Austria during World War II. CANADA is a  narrative with both personal and universal resonance.

Beautiful ...Elegant.  Livingstones Kabinet ... serve as a role model for simplicity and clarity, in a performance which neither lectures, or talks down to the audience.

So much theatre is just trivia and nonsense. But every now and then you can sense a seriousness behind words and actions. This is overwhelmingly the case with Livingstones Kabinet's visual performance CANADA..

This piece is a must-see, not least for it's completely unique narrative form, which combines a light, porous narrative with just the right amount of painful edge and invites us into the kind of image-rich world the like of which we rarely get a chance to experience.


Thought-provoking,...charming...atmospheric. A fine, non-pushy voice in the seemingly endless debate about refugees and foreigners in Denmark. 


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The human voice is a wonderful thing; precise and unadorned as it is in CANADA at Bådteatret, whether that be Nina Kareis' recorded speaks or Pete Livingstone's beguiling falsetto. Here, it serves as invitation to let go and to allow yourself to be drawn into this theatrical picture show. 



On stage: Pete Livingstone, Amia Miang, Bo Carlsson
Speaks and Directorr: Nina Kareis 
Set Design : Johan Kølkjær
Composert: Pete Livingstone
Sound Design: Erik Christoffersen
Lighting Design: Martin Danielsen

Press Release CANADA- (DK) (PDF)

CANADA Background material2020 (DK) (PDF)