Livingstones Kabinet return with the continuation of their critically acclaimed performance "Canada"

’MY FATHER KAN FLY’ is Nina Kareis´personal story, exploring what it is like for a child to embrace and trust a parent whose moods are sometimes unbearably heavy and other times infinitely high.

In ’MY FATHER KAN FLY’ we enter a child's experience of an adult's manic episodes and of that which we call madness. Employing a liberal dose of humour - often gallows humour-it is also a declaration of love from a child to a parent and a recollection of a childhood with a father who from time to time seemed to possess superpowers. ’MY FATHER KAN FLY’ also touches on the prejudices, taboos and secrets that exist in many families in which there are people who experience mental disorders.   


"...a gripping performance...extraordinarily good theatre " (xq28) 
"I'm not sure I have ever written this about a performance before, but EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS! " (Kulturinformation)
"... can and should be seen by everyone...heart-wrenching" (Kultur Bunkeren)
"beautiful and moving" (Kulturkupeen)
"...a naked portrait of a childhood, growing up, experiencing dysfunction and failure.
...All told with Livingstones Kabinets usual flair for emotion and always exquisite use of animation theatre and masks (Sceneblog)
"Both moving and disturbing" (POV International)
" a searing portrait that remains in the subconscious long afterwards (ms vennevig)
" It's strong stuff...a powerful and brave piece of musical theatre...yet somehow Livingstones Kabinet's show leaves you with a feeling of is beautiful, it is loving - and it inspires respect. (Anne Middelboe Christensen - Teateravisen)


This production contains scenes depicting suicidal thoughts, which may be uncomfortable for some audience members. If you, or someone you know, is experiencing suicidal thoughts, it can help to talk to someone you can trust. You can also contact an anonymous helpline such as Livslinien på 70 201 201 or 

Suicide is preventable. Help is available  

On stage: Bo Carlsson, Amia Miang, Troels Kortegaard Ullerup, Pete Livingstone
Nina Kareis
Writers : 
Nina Kareis, Pete Livingstone
Set/Costume Design: 
Johan Kølkjær
Pete Livingstone
Sound Design: 
Jacobe Suissa
Lighting Design: 
Martin Danielsen