Livingstones Kabinet - an international theatre ensemble based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Livingstones Kabinet | RISE

Livingstones Kabinet was co-founded by Danish director Nina Kareis and Scottish composer Pete Livingstone. After meeting in 1994 they started performing together at the legendary Café Graffiti on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where Nina was the in-house compère. After relocating to Copenhagen in 1996 they continued to work as freelance artists on theatre and dance performances in the UK, USA and Denmark. Their experiences on these projects motivated them to gather a group of like-minded artists together and to begin creating their own pieces in which music, theatre and dance were combined in new and challenging ways. To this end they established Livingstones Kabinet in the year 2000. Then, as now, the company saw themselves as a collective of writers, composers, choreographers, performers, dramaturgs, musicians, designers and directors who create performances which are cross-disciplinary and define their own language. In 2002 the company began to receive project funding for the first time as Livingstones Kabinet. Since then the company has produced and co-produced twelve of their own shows - both small- and large-scale. Their work is characterized by an image-rich, tightly choreographed staging style, using original live and recorded music together with sound design. Whether narrative or non-narrative, their pieces play with time and the order in which events are presented. Observers have also commented on a sense of the absurd, the incongruous and of a flawed yet beautiful humanity which permeates their work.    

Livingstones Kabinet have also performed in, and collaborated on shows for other theatres in Denmark: The Royal Theatre of Denmark, Kaleidoskop Theatre, Bådteatret, Theatre Riddersalen.

In 2012 their show KLIP received an award for excellence by The Danish Arts Foundation. In 2008 their show Babble Babble was nominated for a Reumert Award (The equivalent of the British Olivier Award). In the same season, their shows Babble Babble and Herr Schreber were named by the Danish national newspaper "Information" in their annual arts overview as two of the year's best evenings at the theatre. 

Livingstones Kabinet are currently in receipt of core-funding plus project support from: The Danish Arts Council, The Danish Arts Foundation, The Danish Arts Council International Development Fund, Copenhagen City Council's Culture Fund as well as a long list of private funds and sponsors.