– a delusion

Livingstones Kabinet | Herr Schreber

A newly composed music theatre show for 6 men about child-rearing, insanity and false premises.

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WE LOVE YOU TOO is a bubbly yet serious musical show inspired by the DADAist Cabaret Voltaire.

Poetry, music and gibberish meet propaganda and music meets noise. An intimate, challenging and silly piece of performance cabaret.

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 “There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.”

Thus begins the Book of Job in the Old Testament. One of the most frightening yet poetic tales ever told about the relationship between the powerful and those who lie in their power, between the punisher and the punished.

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Livingstones Kabinet | Babble Babble

NOMINATED FOR THE REUMERT AWARD 2008 in the category "Best music-theater/show"

Babble Babble is a contemporary DADA-ist performance piece by an ensemble of six musicians, actors, singers and dancers; an absurd and vivacious critique of a global society dominated by religious and ideological faith. Are we doomed to live in a world divided between those who have a belief and those who doubt this belief?

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New music theatre performance by Livingstones Kabinet

Liivingstones Kabinet | Happy Happy

A stranger arrives in the happiest land in the world. To a newly composed musical score he embarks on an examination of its cheerful and friendly inhabitants. But in this land of fairytale happines an ugliness is gradually revealed behind the smile. HAPPY HAPPY is a musical theatre production about Denmark as seen through the eyes of an incomer.
Reumert Prize nominees Livingstones Kabinet present a vital mix of dance, music, performance and animation theatre with shouting choir and song.

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