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God created Adam, saying 'It is not good for man to be alone'. Therefore he created Lilith. Lilith refused to submit to Adam, and was cast out of the Garden of Eden. She was called a demon and lived as an outcast among the thistles and nettles in the ruins of the kingdom of the great and good men, together with goblins, hyenas and arrow snakes. The wild beasts of the desert will meet with jackals, the satyr shall cry to his fellows; there Lilith the night creature shall settle down and find herself a place of rest.” Isaiah 34, verse 14 Inspired by this ancient myth, Livingstones Kabinet have created a modern, deeply contemporary performance about women, gender and power. LILITH is piece with a sensuous visual aesthetic, beautiful lighting design, wonderful costumes, accompanied by newly composed live music. LILITH premiered in January 2023 and played to completely sold-out houses at the Bådteatret in Copenhagen. The themes dealt with in LILITH are highly topical, dealing with issues such as gender equality, sexualization of women and masculinity in new, audacious and unexpected ways. As is typical of Livingstones Kabinet style, LILITH has a stylistic appeal to young and old alike, and has proven itself to be a sell out success.
'Lilith - the first wife of the biblical Adam according to several creation myths -was created from dirt and mud. Livingstones Kabinet's take on her story tells of a woman's attempt to challenge the patriarchy. The starting point is the old medieval myth of Lilith. In a trippy David Lynch universe, we are led into this myth, which tells of the demon, the dog devil – the ultimate bad girl, who is both every man's dream and his nightmare scenario. It is she who appears in the nighttime dreams of men , she who kills infants, lives a promiscuous sexual life and refuses to bow down to the patriarchy. A story which could surely only be invented by men. But Lilith does not accept the premise of her own submissiveness. She believes herself created equal to Adam, "We are each other's equal, since we are both created from the very same earth" and expects that she and Adam take turns to be on top and to decide. God initially tries to talk sense into Lillith and put her in her place, but when she accidentally pronounces the Lord's name, the Lord blows his top and throws her out of the Eden. Since the 1970s, there have been many attempts by women in the Western world to reclaim the name of Lilith in the name of feminism and free sexuality. In LILITH Livingstones Kabinet go a step further, challenging the patriarchal mindsets and narratives that permeate the thoughts and actions of both women and men, and subjugate both women and men.
"Metaphorically speaking, we wish to invite the audience into Lilith's wild messy garden, filled with ruins, thorns and nettles and all sorts of unpleasant creatures. A place that is not controlled by linear narratives, where we might find a new starting point filled with questions without answers.” says director Nina Kareis


LILITH had its premiere on .26th Januar 2023 at Bådteatret
"God created Adam, saying 'It is not good for mankind to be alone '. And so he created Lilith.
Straight away Adam and Lilith began to quarrel
 Lilith refused to lie under Adam, and fled the Garden of Eden. She was called a demon, and lived among thistles and nettles in the ruins of the kingdom, together with hyenas and serpents. 
 Inspired by this ancient myth, Lilith is a modern, powerfully relevant performance about women, gender and power.
Performers:Amia Miang, Kristina Sørensen Ougaard, Pete Livingstone Iscenesættelse & Liliths stemme: Nina Kareis
Choreography: Adelaide Bentzon
Composer: Pete Livingstone
Texts: Kareis & Livingstone, Betty Jean Newsome, Bibelen, Andrea Rita Dworkin, Elliot Rodger
Set Design and Costume: Dorte Holbek
Sound Design: Rasmus Månsson
Light Design: Magnus H K Hjortlund
Costumier: Pille Behrendt
Lighting Consultant: Michael Breiner
Builder: Johan Brandt Valentin Richardt
PR & Marketing: Art Attack ApS
Production Leader: Freja Forsman
Producer: Anny Neel Dirchsen
Bookkeeping: JN Regnskab
Graphic Design: Helle Riis Jensen